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Videos @ Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Videos

These videos are the BEST way to learn about machine embroidery! 

Sure you can take a live class... but where do you turn for help when it's 11 o'clock at night, you're back in your sewing room and you WISH you could see how the teacher did that little thing just one more time?  Sure you can read a book, but still pictures don't show what's in-between step-1 and step-2 very well do they?

The nice thing about videos is that you can pop it into your player and watch it again and again until you've go it!  And if you DO get stuck -- members of ATW can go to our Embroidery Forum  and ask questions!  There's probably someone around who's already done what you're trying to do.

"DVD videos" can be viewed on a TV set with DVD player connected to it. They CAN be viewed on a computer IF you have software installed to allow viewing movies on your computer.    "CD videos" can be viewed on a computer with a CD-Rom drive & speakers but require software to play videos.  There are many free software programs to allow playing videos on your computer.  Here's one of them...

We offer a flat-rate shipping of just $4.95 to USA and Canada regardless of how many videos are in your order!

"Generations - Beyond The First 7 Clicks"
"Generations - Beyond The First 7 Clicks"

This is a 3-CD video set with nearly 3-hours of how-to video showing step-by-step the in's-and-outs of using Generations in real-world digitizing.

If you have already watched "The First 7 Clicks" or are already familiar with the basics but want to learn more Generations skills - then this video is for you!

In this video Holly shows how to...

Adjust with New Points, Adjust with a Line, Adjust with an Arc, Create Outlines from area edges, Create a LINE from an area, Create an AREA from a line, Merge, Divide with a line, Divide with a curve, Create a shadow, Gradient Shading, Create Pattern Fills, Use stamped patterns, Create your own stamped patterns, Create and use motifs, Create Building Blocks, Create Redwork...   more info > > >

The Pattern Maker / ME Story
The Pattern Maker / ME Story

This 1-Hour video interview with Becky J McNeill features a trunk show of what can be done using Pattern Maker / ME, how Becky got started with Cross-Stitching via machine embroidery, how PatternMaker evolved from a "hand" cross-stitch program to machine cross-stitch, what makes Pattern Maker / ME unique... and lot's more!

Becky talks in this video about how she was able to create the cross-stitch photo you see here of her grandson Logan using Pattern Make / ME in 12-minutes!

Don't be fooled by other so-called "cross-stitch" software on the market. All other digitizing programs that claim to create cross-stitch designs are really just making a fill-pattern that looks like cross-stitch. What you get with PatternMaker-ME is TRUE Cross-Stitch that looks exactly like you spent months stitching out a pattern -- when really your embroidery machine did it for you in a few hours!   more info > > >