Make Your Own Designs!

Make Your Own Designs!

Make Your Own Designs with PatternMaker/ME!

The PatternMaker/ME program allows anyone to create their own Machine Embroidery Cross-Stitch Style designs.  Designs you create with PatternMaker/ME stitch out on your embroidery machine but they LOOK like you spent months making them by hand! 

PatternMaker/ME is a terrific program, but like all software, it takes some help to get going.  In our ultimate bundle we offer not just the software but ALL the videos you'll need to learn how to use PatternMaker/ME from the worlds leading expert on this software... Becky J McNeill.

Get PatternMaker Professional With Machine Embroidery Add-On  software AND everything you need to become an expert at using it, all in one bundle! Here's what's in this package deal...

PatternMaker For CrossStitch Professional With Machine Embroidery Add-On:  This is a $259.95 value by itself. With this program and Becky's help at learning how to use it, YOU can turn almost anything into a counted cross-stitch design that YOUR EMBROIDERY MACHINE can sew out for you AND the finished product will be almost impossible to tell from hand-made cross-stitch!

If you have ever done cross-stitch, you know that it can take MONTHS to complete one chart. With PatternMaker, you can finish it in a few hours of machine run time. And a few minutes of your time.

Think about the possibilities here! You will be able to turn a piece of artwork OR A PHOTO into a finished cross-stich design with a few minutes of import and edit time and a few more minutes of thread-changing time!

The Best How-To Videos Ever Made For PatternMaker!

The leading PatternMaker teacher in the world comes along with this Ultimate Bundle. Becky J McNeill helped design PatternMaker/ME and has been the foremost educator of PatternMaker since it's inception. Along with PatternMaker, you also get Becky J's tutorials AND access to her personal discussion forum, email address and phone number!

Tutorial Set... B-I-A-C: But The Ultimate Bundle is not just about the software.. You also get Becky J McNeill's 4-Video Set (called "Becky In A Can") showing how to do everything in PatternMaker! The 3-video version sells for $70 -- Becky is throwing in a bonus video (a $50 "extra") to make this a 4-video set!

The Ultimate Bundle also includes Becky J's "ToolBox" a (2-video set) showing the solutions common challenges in PatternMaker in 12 lessons. This set of videos sells for $75 (+ Shipping) alone!

Cross-Stitch ClipArt:  Three volume set of cross-stitch clipart. Each volume sells normally for $20 each plus shipping. Each volume includes 300 ready-to-use cross-stitch designs which can be easily copied into your own designs.  These are professional-quality designs you will definitely want to have in your cross-stitch library. That's over 900 designs and is a $60 value!

Cross-Stitch Sampler Collections:  Over 1,200 designs done in PatternMaker for you to use as you wish! These are the "Cross-Stitch Sampler Collections" volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10!  Here's some of what's inside each of these samplers...  Each of these volumes sells normally for $10 each PLUS $5 shipping. This is an $80 value alone!

You get the following collections...

Volume 1: Summertime

Volume 2: Our Home

Volume 3: Our Family

Volume 4: Let It Snow

Volume 5: Believe

Volume 6: Work And Play

Volume 9: Our Wedding

Volume 10: Animals

Each of these contains 150 clipart elements that are also PatternMaker patterns!

 Here's some of what's inside each of these samplers...  Now For The Bonus Videos And Designs!

BONUS #1: Three months free Membership to Artistic ThreadWorks!  With that Membership comes access to Becky J's personal discussion forum where she answers questions about PatternMaker! This is a $20 value!

BONUS #2: Video: "A Beginner Makes A PhotoStitch In 59 Minutes". Watch as Larry learns how to import a photo into PatternMaker, click some buttons and have a finished design in less than 1 hour - the FIRST TIME ever touching the software!  The 59 minutes includes installing the free demo version of PatterMaker as well as learning how to edit the pattern created and exporting it to machine embroidery format! This is a $29 value!

BONUS #3: Video: "Interview With Becky J"  Learn how Becky J got started with PatternMaker and how the program has grown over the years. This is a $29 value! 

BONUS #4: Design set from Becky J.  This set has been created by Becky just for The Ultimate Bundle. This is a $19 value!

BONUS #5: Design set from Holly Pike.  This set of Sailboats done by Holly in PatternMaker is an exclusive set for this offer and Artistic ThreadWorks members. This is a $15 value!

So the entire package is...

PatternMaker-ME, Becky J's Tutorials, Becky J's Toolbox, Sampler CD's, Clipart Collections, a design set from Becky J, a design set from Holly, the video "Interview With Becky J", the video "A Beginner Makes A PhotoStitch In 59 Minutes", plus a 3-month membership* to ArtisticThreadWorks where you have access to Becky J's forum "Machine CrossStitch"!

OKAY:  Here's the really special part of this "Special Offer"!

We realize that a LOT of people would like to add this Ultimate Bundle of sofware, designs and tutorials to their embroidery "toolbox" - but the $497 is too much money to take out of the budget at one time. After talking about how to solve this problem for our customers - we thought of how the Home Shopping Network offers their customers the option to spread the price out over several payments. We decided to do the same thing here!

If you want to pay $497 all at one time - please feel free to do that! We are just as happy to see the payment come in at one time instead of over three months time. But for those that would feel more comforable spreading this out over time - we offer the 3-Pay option.

Pay just 3 payments of $167 each

If it works out better for you to do it this way, complete the order form and click the "Enter Order" button. We will charge the first $167 to your card and ship The Ultimate Bundle to you right away. Then 30 days later we will charge the 2nd $167, and 30 days later we will charge the final $167 to your card.

(We do ask that you be sure your credit card is not set to expire in the next 90 days if you are using this option! If it is expiring, please use a different card.)


Unheard of 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

That's right! It's unheard of for a software product to come witha 100% money-back guarantee! But this offer does.  We are so confident that you will LOVE what you can do with PatternMaker for Machine Embroidery, and so confident that Becky J's tutorials will give you mastery over this software, that we are offering something unheard of in software... a 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you buy this program and you honestly don't think you got what you paid for, then please return The Ultimate Bundle to us within 30-days and we will refund every penny you paid for the package.

What have you got to lose?  Order The Ultimate Bundle and add an exciting new dimension to your embroidery hobby today!