Our Special Angels
Our Special Angels

Our Special Angels

by Holly Pike

I was contacted by Pamela Reinert regarding a membership for this cause.  We gladly set up two complimentary memberships for these young people to use.  They are interested in making items to sell to help with expenses. You can read their short story below.  I will be sending some blanks to them for embroidery.

I am asking that any of you that can help this group, please do.  So many of us are fortunate to have healthy, normal children, grand children, nieces and nephews.  I would hope that if I had a challenged young person in my family that there would be folks to lend a helping hand.   I will only ask this once.  I think once they get going, they can use some of their profits to buy additional blanks for embroidering and selling.

Each year we are contacted by many groups for help and support.  I can only choose a couple because I do not want to burden you.  I think this is a great cause.

If any of you great ATW members can see your way clear to help… I have included the name and address of the contact person.  PLEASE - Do not send anything to me.  It must go directly to this lady and her organization. Here is more info on the organization...

Our Special Angels

Crafting Our Way To A better world

The address to send items to is at the bottom of this article. Now - here is the email from  Pamela Reinert...


"Our Special Angels is a volunteer group of 5 adults and 30-40 young adults with challenges.  The group started about three years ago and is now officially a non-profit under the organization CraftingforaCause (see the web addresses above.) 

These young people are challenged with a wide range of tribulations, including blindness, deafness, autism, retardation, cerebral palsy, and more.  For these young adults these are no longer disabilities but only challenges that are leading them to more positive lifestyles. 

One of our leaders is the mom of five special needs children – and began the group, with her children and their friends, who later brought their friends as well.  They have learned to knit, crochet, and sew, and just this past month the leaders went together and bought a used embroidery machine, and now they are learning another new craft. 

For many of these young adults their artistic talents were locked away, and learning crafts has unlocked pent-up artistic abilities that no one even suspected that they had.  They have not only been able to create items for friends and family, but now are giving to others in need three projects they love to gift to are the children of Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota,  Teeny Tiny Treasures a project for premature babies and UC Davis a project for children with cancer."   

Send items to:
Our Special Angels
A charity of Crafting for a Cause, INC
6922 East Fish Lake
Maple Grove, MN 55369


(To our members: Thanks for all that you do and we love you all! ~~ Holly)

“By helping others, we ourselves are helped”

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