How To Edit Embroidery Designs

"What software can I buy to edit embroidery designs without spending a lot of money?" 

If you are wondering the same thing, Embird may be a great solution for you. Embird is available at and cost $80 at this writing. With Embird, you can open designs in several formats, rotate them, flip them, split them into multiple files, convert them to different formats, print a picture of a design, and resize them.

(see about resizing)

Embird can do more than just edit embroidery designs! There are "plug-in" programs that are available with Embird to do additional editing.

To add lettering, you can buy a font set for $15. Pick one in block and one in script as a minimum. This makes it simple to add lettering to a design. Here is a simple design of a house that has lettering added....

We have an entire series of several hundred "simple" designs called "Impressions" that Holly created just for the purpose of having a little design that can be combined with lettering to make a more complex design.  The impressions designs are included in our membership "Design Library."

Other Plug-Ins for Embird include the "Font Engine."  This add-on lets you edit embroidery designs with any true-type or open-type font.  This module costs $150 but it give you more flexability in font choices.

The last two plug-ins are called Embird Digitizing Studio and Sfumato.  Both of these programs require a lot more work to master than the other parts, but for those that are looking to create their own designs from clipart or photographs (ie: digitizing), there are no shortcuts and these two programs are a good option.

The Embird Digitizing Studio module allows you to create designs from clipart. It will make designs up to 17" x 17" and up to 250,000 stitches.  (Getting that size design onto the fabric is another issue eh?)  Of course you can also make 4" x 4" designs with it and that's where most of us work anyway. With the digitizing studio, you make or modify the drawing you want to use then when you are ready, the software converts it into stitches for you.

Sfumato is also a digitizng module similar to the Design Studio but it works with photographs instead of clipart. 

Each of the digitizing modules sell for $150 apiece. 

There are support groups on Yahoo for Embird and it is worthwhile to join a group and read the emails to help you learn how to use the programs more quickly. Here are a some info groups you can join... 

Total cost for Embird, Iconizer and two font sets would be $130. You can download a fully functioning 30-day free trial to see if it will suit your needs before you have to buy. While you are doing this, I highly reccommend the "Iconizer" plug-in also. It makes organizing your designs a lot simpler. It sells for another $20. If you want to try the digitizing studio or the Font Engine you can get a trial version of there modules too. Embird may be the least expensive way to edit embroidery designs, but there are thousands of users that swear by the program and you just can't beat a 30-day free trial! 

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