Sewing Machine Repairs And Maintenance

Sewing Machine Repairs And Maintenance

Along with embroidery machines, we also own several sewing machines.  They need repairs almost as often as the embroidery machines do and the cost of repairs is just as high. 

The "fun" part is when I have to take a machine in and we are a LONG ways from the nearest repair shop.  Or the "really fun" part when I take the machine all the way in and find out that it was some silly little adjustment that I could do myself if I had just known what I was looking at when I opened our machines.

Enter my friend Dr. David Trumble.  We met about a year ago when I was looking for a solution to this very problem.  He started repairing his wife's machine 20+ years ago.  Then he started taking in machine from friends and neighbors and eventually opened his own repair shop and then a sewing machine store.  That store has now grown to three stores and his son now runs those businesses.

Dr T. still has his hands on the business in accounting as well as in repairs.  One thing he found difficult at first was training someone to repair machines.  There just weren't any good books available that showed how it's done.  So he wrote his own books for in-store use. 

Recently he has made these books available to folks who are not employees.  And in the last couple weeks he has finished his latest book which is specifically on how to repair home embroidery machines.  It covers all the steps for maintenance and repairs on everything from a combo-machine (sewing and embroidery) to an embroidery only machine, and the 6-needle machines from Brother and Babylock. 

This Sewing Machine Repair Course gives you the information you need to maintain, disassemble, clean, adjust, replace parts, fix problems, reassemble, and thoroughly test embroidery sewing machines.  When you buy his book on machine repair, you will also get his private email address where you can email for help in case you get stuck on a particular repair job.

The sewing machine repair book is $39.95 which means that if it can save you ONE TRIP to the repair tech, it will more than pay for itself! 

When you get to the website, click the link on near the top that says "Secrets Of Sewing Machine Repair".

Sewing Machine Repair

For those who are wondering what kind of Dr he is... it's divinity. :-)

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