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Once the design zip file is saved on your computer and the files are extracted to their own folder, you are ready to move those files to your embroidery machine.  HOW you get designs from your computer to your embroidery machine depends on which embroidery machine you own. 



Back in the mid 1990's all embroidery machines used a pre-programmed memory card to load designs into the machine's memory.  Soon after the first machines with pre-programmed cards became available, the manufacturers started offering blank memory cards and a "reader-writer" box that could transfer designs from your computer to the blank memory card.  Each time the card was inserted into the reader-writer box and new designs were added to the card, the designs that had been put on the card previously were erased.  That was not a problem though because the designs were still saved on the computer's hard drive for re-use.  Those reader-writer boxes are still used by some embroidery machines today.  

By the late 1990's some embroidery machines appeared that would accept a floppy disk. Transferring designs to those machines was easier than with the reader-writer box because everyone had a floppy disk drive already installed in their computer and it was easy to copy a design from the hard drive to the floppy disk and then insert the floppy into the embroidery machine.

About the same time, the embroidery machine makers started offering machines that used common compact flash cards, USB thumb drives or "flash drives", and direct connection via USB cable from computer to embroidery machine.  

Your embroidery machine may use any of the above methods for accepting designs from the computer, depending on which machine you own.  If you need help with your specific machine, you can find info about it in our FORUM or in our TUTORIAL section as well as at your local embroidery machine dealer who sells that brand of machine. 


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