Digitize In 7 Days

Learn To Digitize In 7 Days!

Hi - I'm Holly Pike!  You really CAN learn to digitize in 7 days.  I've included the videos showing how below and they are free! 

You will need a copy of Generations digitizing software to use while learning. You can get a 30 day trial copy here! 

By following along the steps on this page and by practicing, you will know in just a few days that You CAN Digitize with Generations software and my help.

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 1 of 7...Start Digitizing Lessons Here!
A close-up look at learning to digitize, your software choices, and where you can go with your new digitizing skills. The NEXT page in the "Digitize In 7 Days" section will be the first digitizing video. Before you move on to that first video, I will answer the questions most people have at this point and make sure you have everything you need to get going.

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 2 of 7...Installing Generations
Generations is easy to install if you have installed other software programs, but I recommend that you check out the information on this page anyway because there are several good tips here about Generations. Once you read this page, go ahead and install the program on your computer. BUT

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 4 of 7... Learning The "Line Tool"
A "Get Started" video that teaches you the way around the Generations digitizing software screen, setting up your preferences, open, save, delete, and introduction to using the line tool. ...

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 5 of 7... Learning The "Area Tool"
The area tool is the second of the three manual digitizing tools that you'll learn about. It is used to define an area that will be filled with stitches, tell the software what color, size, and angle (among other things) of stitches the software should make there, and then to click "Generate" to fill the area. Watch now as Holly shows you how to use the area tool

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 6 of 7... Learning The "Satin Tool"
http://www.youcandigitize.com/public/545.cfm ...

"DIGITIZE IN 7 DAYS" Day 7 of 7...Your Next Step In Digitizing
What's next for you? What do YOU want from learning to digitize? Is digitizng going to be a hobby for you? Or maybe you want to digitize for dollars? We will help you with either way. Use this page to help determine what you need next to take digitizing in your direction