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Embird Software

Embird Software For Embroidery

Using Embird for machine embroidery?

Videos and articles to teach you the skills you'll need to use Embird with embroidery software. 

Can't find what you're looking for here?  Contact us for help!

Embird Iconizer Doesn't Work On New Computer
EMBIRD PROBLEM: "I have changed to a new computer and have had no problem with uninstalling Embird and reinstalling on new one, except for some reason I can't seem to get the Iconizer to work..registration number is in but for some reason will not install...Will I have to repurchase again? Any help will be greatly appreciated...this is driving me crazy"
. . .
VIDEO: Resizing Embroidery Designs With Embird
Here's a short video showing how to resize embroidery designs with Embird! It is best viewed with a screen resolu . . . ...
Printing Multiple Templates With Embird
by Cari Sykes
Printing Multiple Templates With Embird "Is there a way to print more than one template on a sheet of paper? I need multiple copies of the same design for my project. And instead of just printing one template per sheet I was hoping to do maybe 2 or 3. I know that it all depends on the size of the design. I was hoping to save on paper. I use Embird for printing out my templates." . . . ...
SHOWDOWN: Embird Fonts Vs Monogram Wizard
An email from a member... "What is Embird? I have noticed that many of the fatcs creators use Embird for the lettering. I have a terrible time doing good lettering just using the PE Design. I'm also hampered by older equipment. Would the program still work with Windows 98? I also saw a promo from Larry for the Monogram Wizard, which is quite expensive. Do any of you use that program, and will it work with an older system? I would like to do lettering that is cute, and be able to easily move it into curves." . . . ...
"Most Important Advice" For Newbies Who Recently Purchased Embird...
"Most Important Advice" For Newbies Who Recently Purchased Embird... "You promote Embird tutorial videos, does this mean this is your primary software you used to create all your designs? If so, what is the most important advice for newbies who recently purchase Embird?" . . . ...
Embird Video: The Design Is Too Big For My Embroidery Machine!
Maybe you've seen a design you want to use BUT it's too big for your embroidery machine.  What can you do? This happens quite often, especially for those who are using a machine with a 4 . . . ...
Split Designs Using Auto Split in Embird
Terri Kohenskey
This is a quick way to split designs using Embird. I have discovered some designs I split automatically include alignment lines. Others I have to add them. I will show how to manually add them in this tutorial. It is easily done and can be used to line up designs on garments without splitting. . . . ...
VIDEO: Resize A Design & Change Stitch Count With Embird Software
Here's a short video showing how to resize a design and change the stitch count using Embird... . . . ...
VIDEO: Using The Iconizer Feature In Embird
VIDEO: Using The Iconizer Feature In Embird Embird offers an optional module called "Iconizer". With Iconizer you can SEE what a design looks like without opening the file in your embroidery software! Once you see it, you will wonder how you lived without it. Here's a short video of... . . . ...
Printing A Catalog Of Your Designs Using Embird Software
Printing A Catalog Of Your Designs Using Embird Software Here is a 60-second video showing how to use Embird to print out a catalog of your designs. Embird is one program I recommend to EVERYONE who does machine embroidery regardless of what brand embroidery machine they have! . . . ...
VIDEO: Splitting, Moving, And Rotating Embroidery Designs With Embird
VIDEO: Splitting, Moving, And Rotating Embroidery Designs With Embird VIDEO: How to split an embroidery designs, move an embroidery design, or rotate an embroidery design using Embird software. Video shows how it's done in less than 5 minutes! . . . ...