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Videos and articles to teach you the skills you'll need to use PE-Design embroidery software. 

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Windows 7 and PE Design? Windows 7 and PE Design?
If you're having problems getting PE Design to work with Windows 7 then this quick-tip is for you...

SHOWDOWN:  PE-Design 8.0 Vs PatternMaker For Digitizing Photos SHOWDOWN: PE-Design 8.0 Vs PatternMaker For Digitizing Photos
(April 2009)
Here's a question via email from one of our members... "I am thinking about Patternmaker ME. Yesterday at the quilt show in Rosemont someone mentioned that I should also research PE-Design 8.0. I really do not know anything about either, but I want to import my photography ...

Interview With Nita O'Keefe On Using PE-Design
June 2006
Most people need help when getting started with PE-Design! That's no reason to just leave the box on the shelf and give up! With just a little help getting started you will find PE-Design to be fun and easy to use. This 13-minute audio recording with Nita O'Keefe covers a few of the common questions and problems people run into with PE-Design. Take a listen! ...