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# Embroidery Business

Start & Grow A Home-Based Embroidery Business

In this section you will find articles to help you start or improve your business, whether it's a brick-and-mortar embroidery business, an online digitizing service, or even outside the embroidery sphere, these articles will help you grow your business!

We have also made DVD videos about building an embroidery business that you can watch at home on your DVD player and TV set. In our store you'll find a two-DVD set of videos called "DVD Video Set: Building A Successful Embroidery Business".  It covers topics like... "Home-Based versus Commercial/Retail Locations", "Choosing An Accountant", "Marketing Your Business", "Pricing For Profit", "The Best Machine For Your Business", and much more.

How To Price Your Embroidery Work
How To Price Your Embroidery Work A member writes... "I am doing more and more embroidery for friends and co-workers and I never know how much to charge. What is the right amount to charge when I stitch out a design for someone?"
Here's the answer two ways...
. . .
Making Embroidered Patches With "PatchMat"
(Added 5/16/2012)
Many times people ask how to make a patch. This video shows an "easy way" to make patches using a special fabric called "PatchMat".    You c . . . ...
Melco Amaya XT Embroidery Machine For Business
(Added 5/15/2012)
Melco has been in the embroidery machine business since 1972. They make good machines for an embroidery business including home-based.  . . . ...
Are Craft Fairs Not Producing Enough Sales For Your Embroidery Business?
Are Craft Fairs Not Producing Enough Sales For Your Embroidery Business? When Margie shared her frustration with the poor sales she was getting at craft shows Kristin and Linda came up with two excellent ideas to kick-start Margie's business...
. . .
Start Your Embroidery Business With A Good Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine
Start Your Embroidery Business With A Good Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine Holly bought her first 6 needle embroidery machine shortly after starting her business. That's one investment we've never regretted! Here's a video about the Brother PR650 embroidery machine. It's a great machine for a stay-at-home embroidery business...
. . .
"Copyright Trolls"
If you own a website, you'll want to read this article! Here's an article you should read if you own a website.  In fact, even posting a picture on the internet on your blog could put you . . . ...
Pricing Your Embroidery Products
One quick way to regret starting your embroidery business is to accept a BIG job that you under-priced. You spend hours working on getting the job done all the while knowing that yo . . . ...
Do You Accept Checks For Your Embroidery Business?
Do You Accept Checks For Your Embroidery Business? Advice on taking checks for your embroidery business and how to handle the ones that don't make it through the bank, including advice on the one "BIG MISTAKE" you can make when a check is returned from your bank... . . . ...
Should I Start An Embroidery Business?
Should I Start An Embroidery Business? From a recent email... "I was hoping you could answer a few questions about starting an embroidery business for extra cash when I need it or starting the biz full time? Is this business easy to get into, or is it saturated with larger businesses the same? I was thinking about starting with a Brother SE-350 would this be okay?" . . . ...
Effective Online Advertising
Effective Online Advertising One of our members recently emailed me with a question about advertising on Google's Adwords program. She has just set up her first website and is now wondering... "How do I get people to come to my site and buy from me?" . . . ...
Business: "WGIYBIWCO"
Business:  "WGIYBIWCO" In this business article, I discuss a concept called "WGIYBIWCO" which means "What Goes In Your Brain Is What Comes Out". For those who desire to open or grow their own business, it contains crtitical information to move you along the right path . . . ...
Removing Old Embroidered Lettering?
Removing Old Embroidered Lettering? Here's a from our forum... "I run a small embroidery business from my home and have had a couple instances where people have asked about having an embroidered name removed from a coat and a new name stitched in it's place. The first time, I was able to just cover up the current name with a design and stitch over that. Now, someone else has asked me about the same thing. What should I do?" . . . ...
A Digitizing Business
A Digitizing Business I get emails every week from people who are interested in becoming a professional digitizer. Some of them have already started digitizing as a hobby and are thinking of turning their hobby into a business. Others haven't started digitizing yet but are considering it as a business. This article is a guideline for what you'll need to do next and includes links to previous articles on related topics. It is a comprehensive look at what it takes to make money as an independant embroidery digitizer. Includes an in-depth look at all the steps and has links to detailed articles covering all the facets of doing everything it takes to make a business of digitizing. . . . ...
Getting More From Your OnLine Store
Getting More From Your OnLine Store From a member... "I have my own online store where I sell my quilts and things. I sell on ebay mostly. I was told in order to get traffic to my own online store I would have to start marketing and that it is really expensive. I am totally confused on what i should do. I was told that it would cost about 2,000 to market my store to search engines in order to get more business. I really want to sell more from my site versus ebay and their fees. Does anyone have any information or advice on where i should begin?" -- Of course I have some information! In fact this article is a great guide to getting your . . . ...
Create An Account For Automated Delivery Of Your Digital Products
If you sell (or "plan" to sell) any kind of file that can be emailed to your customer, then you should provide instant automated delivery.  Customers expect instant delivery in today's world and . . . ...
Automate Your Design Deliveries
PayLoadz  automated service delivers your digital products (like embroidery design . . . ...
Quick-Tip On Getting A Sign-Off
Use this method to protect yourself when doing embroidery work... . . . ...
Your Server: "Just Kick The Dang Thing!"
"Servers" are just another part of running a business on the internet. Here's a frank discussion (even though my name's Larry) about dealing with servers and hosting your own website . . . ...
Questions About Building Your Own Website
Part 2: The Shopping Cart
I see that some website owners are using zencart and some use oscommerce and some use another shopping cart that I can't think of... What do you recommend for a shopping cart? I want something that . . . ...
Questions About Building Your Own Website
Part 1
To Blog Or Not To Blog? One of our members wrote me recently with two questions about building her own website. The first question was... "I watched your dvd on making a website a while b . . . ...
Are You Selling On Ebay?
Do you own a business? Are you selling on ebay? You should be! If you're not yet then read this article! One of the realities of life is that there's never enough time to do everything we want or "should be" doing. In fact, . . . ...
Which Machine To Buy For Starting An Embroidery Business?
Some of the best "articles" about running an embroidery business are found in our discussion forum.  They start with a question from someone and draw on the experience of many other folks who hav . . . ...
How To Register Your Copyright
Are you registering your copyrights? While you do own copyrights to your work, you can't file a suit against someone until you've REGISTERED those copyrights.&nb . . . ...
VIDEO: How To Buy A Domain Name In 90-Seconds
You're ready to buy a domain name... now what? It's very easy to buy a domain name, you just need to know how and where to do it.  Here's a 90-second video showing both where and how th . . . ...
Corporation, LLC, or Sole Proprietor?
Q: "Would you recommend doing any incorporating or setting up of an LLC to launch our business under vs doing it as a sole proprietorship?" s . . . ...
Profits... Short-Term vs Long-Term
I had to laugh when I heard this because I had the same experience with AOL and WISHED I had recorded the conversation... span style="font-size: mediu . . . ...
Becoming A Professional Digitizer... Is Selling Through A "Mall" A Rip-Off?
I receive an email like this every few days.  The writer is asking about getting started in selling designs. My advice follows...   . . . ...
Adding A Zero To Your Business / Part-5 of 5... Follow-Through
"Marketing consists of a message, a medium, an audience, a strategy, and follow-through." You've made it to the last artic . . . ...
Adding A Zero To Your Business / Part-4 of 5: "A Strategy"
So far we've covered the message, medium, and audience... now let's move on to "Strategy". span . . . ...
Adding A Zero To Your Business / Part-3 of 5: "An Audience"
How many people are seeing your ads? When you advertise yo . . . ...
Adding A ZERO To Your Business / Part-2 of 5: "The Medium"
Marketing consists of a message, a medium, an audience, a strategy, and follow-through. span st . . . ...
Adding A Zero To Your Business / Part-1 of 5: "The Message"
Adding a zero to your business can make all the difference in the world! How can that be you ask?  A zero is . . . ...
Copyrights And Digitizing
Most of us have never had any reason to try to understand copyrights and how they work until we got into the machine embroidery hobby. Now it is crucial that . . . ...
Get Your Business Going Online
How do you get customers to find your website?  That's the $64,000 question!  What would someone search for if they were trying to find your product?  Make a list of those key word . . . ...
What Sells?
When starting an embroidery business, we're confronted with a huge pile of questions, but the one most commonly asked is "What sells?" "What Sells" is literally the $64,000 question.  . . . ...
4 Tips For Increasing Sales
Linda set up a craft mall booth and has been doing very well with her sales. Here's some advice she gave on making sales... "Some of the vendors at the market are having a hard time se . . . ...
Brother SE-270D Embroidery Machines At Wal-Mart
Brother SE-270D Embroidery Machines At Wal-Mart Wal-Mart currently sells the Brother SE-270D embroidery machine. What does that mean to the future of machine embroidery as a hobby? How many people buy their first embroidery machine at Wal-Mart? And Vanna, can Goofy buy a clue? . . . ...
Business Lessons We Have Learned
Nancy's recent post about a customer that placed a custom order then didn't pay for it made me think about what lessons people have learned about running an embroidery business when they went to "the . . . ...
Pricing Quilts To Sell
Pricing Quilts To Sell Your reputation as a quilt-maker is getting around and now someone calls and asks if you would make a quilt for them? While it's nice to be recognized for your artistic talents, and you'd like to say "Yes", you just don't know how much you should charge. You know what the materials will cost - and you know how much time it will take you - but how much should you add on for your labor??? Read this article to find out what others charge and why...
. . .
Business: "The Partnership"
Here's a silly little story: Mr Norton and Mr Cramden are both mechanics and they work on side jobs at their homes as well as working together at the local bus garage. One day Mr Cramden i . . . ...
How To Keep Your Website From Being Really Annoying
One day I decided to go surfing through the web to find out what's new and who is innovating out there. After a couple hours of clicking through websites, I was ready for several margaritas! . . . ...
Business: Your "Numero-Uno" Asset
Steve is our chiropractor. One day I noticed a USB flash-memory stick hanging on a cord around his neck. When I asked him what was on that memory stick, the answer he gave may surprise you! " . . . ...
Search Engines & Your Web Site
I was recently asked by someone starting their web business about search engine optimizing their website. They had an offer from a company that would optimize her existing site for he . . . ...
Need Help Building A Website?
I have been building our websites for over four years now. One of the secrets to building a successful site is really the same as one of the secrets to good embroidery... use the right tools and . . . ...
Business On Target!
An Interview With Amy Ainsworth
Amy is one of ATW's members and owns an embroidery business. The following is an interview I conducted with Amy recently. Her userid on ATW is "Veridianmind" and Amy has bee . . . ...
Start Small But Think Big
One of the hurdles to growing a small business into a large business is changing "systems" to allow your work to happen on a larger scale. The catchword is "Scalability" and you hear it constantly in . . . ...
Business: Choosing A Machine
by Larry Pike
Here's a question posed in our Discussion Forum recently and my answer.  This is a question that everyone starting an embroidery business asks so it's worth repeating here! P a . . . ...
Marketing Your Embroidery Business
Building Your Customer Database Instantly!
Looking for keys to Marketing Your Embroidery Business?  You want your business to get moving F-A-S-T and you know you need to build a potential customer list to advertise to in order to mak . . . ...
Business: The KEY To Getting Customers
by Larry Pike
Your #1 job as a business owner is getting customers. But HOW do you do that? This morning I talked with an embroidery business start-up owner. I will call her "Miss D." She was FRUSTRATED that he . . . ...
Craft Show Business Tips
Often members ask "I have rented space for an upcoming craft show. What should I make and how do I price items for the craft show?" Craft Shows take some time to figure out. With experience you wi . . . ...
Selling In A Craft Mall
Here's a question posed in our discussion forum about how to increase sales in a craft mall booth and a few tips from a lifetime of sales and marketing experience... "I took pictures of my craft b . . . ...
Name Designs Added Today
We have added a BUNCH of name designs this week. Look in the Design Library under NAMES for the updated list. The new update will bring the name lists to over 1,600 designs. We are trying . . . ...
VIDEO: Building A Successful Embroidery Business
VIDEO: Building A Successful Embroidery Business These two new videos on "Building A Successful Embroidery Business" covers the step-by-step process of making a successful home-base embroidery business. . . . ...
A Formula For Making Sales
by Larry Pike
I have been working with a friend on building her embroidery business. Her concept was to market to a business niche and offer embroidered ready-to-wear items. The email today from this person said sh . . . ...
Comparing commercial embroidery machines and some advice from Mr Shakespeare on the subject...
Question: "Is there a particular industrial machine you would recommend for a business? I am interested in a 15 needle single-head machine. I have an SWF where I work..." . . . ...