Embroidery Academy
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Date Posted: Jul 28, 2011
Embroidery Academy

Embroidery Academy is your resource for online education in machine embroidery arts!

You've bought your first embroidery machine, now what?
We've all been there. We set up our first embroidery machine, hoop a t-shirt, load a design, and press start. You eagerly watch the machine stitching away, changing threads until the design is complete. Then you proudly wear your first creation and make plans to embroider everything in sight. Somewhere about the third or fourth design, it hits you. Machine embroidery isn't as easy as pressing start and letting the machine do the work.

Why Pressing Start Is Not Enough.
You're placement might be crooked, or the fabric in the hoop isn't tight enough or maybe too tight. You wonder about the stabilizer you purchased and if it's right for your project. Some designs you've downloaded for free from the internet have gaps, puckers, or are just difficult to sew. Where do you go to learn how to embroider like a professional?

Professionals have traditionally learned through a lot of trial and error.
It takes years of trial error, not to mentioned ruined projects, wasted thread and stabilizer to become a great embroiderer. But what if you could take advantage of all this knowledge gathered by others and learn to become proficient in machine embroidery with less time and trouble. Do you need to reinvent the wheel? The wheel has already been invented. Take advantage of the existing knowledge.

Experienced professionals on staff at Embroidery Academy are ready and willing to share their knowledge with you. You can learn step by step the techniques that will make you proficient in machine embroidery.

Our qualified staff has put together structured interactive classes to help you learn at your own pace.

The friendly classroom atmosphere allows students and instructors to interact through self-paced lessons, and messages in an online classroom. This classroom facilitates the learning process.

Take a free class on how To Organize Your Sewing Space and see for yourself.

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