How To Tell If You Are A Real Quilter!

Something that I've heard at least a thousand times over the years is “I'm not a real quilter”.  I heard it from customers, I've heard it on the forum, and I've heard it in talking to . . . (to read the remainder of this article, please log in below.)
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There were several things we wanted our website to do that were really out of the ordinary, especially for back in 2001. As Holly was learning to digitize, I was learning to build a website. 

We wanted to have a place where folks could gather together and feel comfortable.  Kind of like a coffee shop or the old country restaurant feeling. We also wanted a place where they could add photos and make themselves feel at home.  And we wanted a place where people could share thier lives with each other.  

Our first website was just designs but a short time later we opened what you see today as ArtisticThreadWorks.  Members could join easily, download all the designs they wanted, and hang around to enjoy visiting with other members.  Several years later MySpace and Facebook were created and these features have since become more commonplace on the internet.  But our forums and photo galleries still bring in a lot of regular visitors who have found a home.

(You'll see more of The Inside Story in the next installment.)

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